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Found a couple more….

Because everyone want prawns, pineapples and egg scramble.

Or a tuna-olive-cream of mushroom soup biscuit ring.



On a less gruesome note, there were, in that era (as there are in ours) many cookbooks and handbook to help a Catholic homemaker make her home…Catholic. Some are still in print and are very good. One that I have was published by the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. I have a post on it here, with a reader evaluation of a modern reprint. But in case you don’t want to head over to that old post, here’s the first page of the Lent section, so you can see how substantive it is:

"amy welborn"


If a healthy penitential attitude is to grow with our children, it should be fed with their daily Lenten bread. 


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Pinisher blog link-up

Link to Original Project: Doughnut Muffins from the King Arthur Flour website

Link to My Pin: Right here – it’s from December, but I made them again this morning!

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Dorian Speed is one of my favorite people, both in real life and on the Internet.  She’s witty and creative, a great writer and web designer – she designed my travel blog’s template, found here.

And she has a great idea for a link up.  How many “pins” do you have?  And how many have you actually done anything about??

Time for Pinishers!

Find her original post here – 

For my first entry in the link up, I’ll just tell you about these muffins – I originally pinned this months ago and made them for the first time soon after, but in the spirit of Pinishing, made them again this morning.  They’re very good – and do sort of taste like baked-style donuts – but they don’t keep super well.  That is, they’re better probably eaten after first baked, which is why I only made half the recipe this morning.

So – go check out Dorian’s link up and join in!

See all the Pinishers this week atScrutinies!

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