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Refusing to be thwarted by the the USCCB’s condescending conviction that I – a member of the most highly educated generation of lay Catholics Evah –  am not to be overly challenged by advanced vocabulary or thinking about Religion Stuff any day except Sunday  – we went Maronite last night.

"amy welborn"

The Eastern Epiphany is different than the Latin Rite. We do Magi, they do Baptism. in this Maronite church that has a pretty Latin-looking high altar and Stations of the Cross along the walls, yes, even here, the closing hymn was We Three Kings. 

"amy welborn"

All God, All Revealed.

I love the Eastern Christian emphasis on begging for mercy (instead of assuming it), and it is always just so interesting to participate in these different ways of sharing the peace (flowing from the altar, through deacons who proceed down the aisles offering hands pressed together, which then congregants receive with their own open hands and share in the same way with each other), of praying stances, or receiving Communion…as well as the robust Middle-Eastern-tinged singing.

Bonus: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, who is bi-ritual, celebrating and preaching.

(My oldest son has actually been to more Maronite liturgies than I have.  The Catholic school he attend here before Homeschooling Days had regular Maronite liturgies because the Maronite community – along with the Syrian Catholic – has such deep roots here in Birmingham)

But before that, on Sunday, was once again, Mass at the convent.  Last time, I posted the amazing, hand-made “book” behind Joseph – here’s Mary.

And here’s a longer shot, with the servers (two of them are mine).


And if you want to know more about the community, and listen to some of the retreat talks they have posted, go here.

Other notes:

Getting back into school mode.  I’ll post more about that later, hopefully tomorrow. Monday and today were dominated by music and boxing.  The 10-year old’s piano teacher has jumped him up, ditching the regular “student” books and plunging him into Bach’s Invention #1 and some Zwei Leichten Sonaten by Beethoven. Kid’s been playing a little over a year.  First day of practice was rough, and many pep talks were made. (“Why do you think he would have you play these pieces? Because he thought you couldn’t do it?” Blank stare.) Second day was better, so onward.

And there was this, which is amazing. 

"amy welborn"

"amy welborn"

Whether you have preschoolers or older, and you’ve never done the “shaving cream and water color” thing…do it.  Here’s a good tutorial.  It’s simple, and the results are beautiful.

We also discovered DaveHax, and attempted the matchstick rocket (we got some nice little explosions but no liftoff yet) and the office supplies crossbow. The boat has attracted great interest and just might have to be next.

After months and months, I finally got tired of waiting for seasons 4 & 5 of Horrible Histories to stream in the US, not to speak of Yonderland.  So I broke down and bought a cheap Region 2 DVD player and ordered the DVDs from Amazon.co.uk. I had hoped they’d get here for Christmas, but (come to think of it) fortunately, they didn’t, so we had a nice surprise for Twelfth Night. Two episodes in, I’m loving Yonderland.  Oh, the boys like it, too.

yonderland DVD

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