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How’s everyone doing?

Mad Men Gifs

Yeah, me too.

What’s your #Synod2015DrinkofChoice?

Does it contain alcohol?

Then we’re good.

Every morning, I open up The Internets and by way of that road,  The Twitter and The Facebook.

Kind of scary.

Sometimes Roscia or Spadaro hits my feed first.


But then sometimes, I hit a Chaput! Or an Aquila! Or some Romanian doctor!

And it’s all good!

But not for long. Because then, damn. They’ll find  way, you know?

Yeah, that happens.

But no matter what, bishops are all like, “Everything is FINE. And if you don’t think it’s FINE, you’ve got issues and …[weird combination of religious indifferentism and faux-pietistic Petrinish blackmail bullshit to serve our current agenda blah blah blah].

And I’m all

And then I’m all like… 

….we’re going down….

Oh, and then do you know what happens?


The liberals are all like

Holy Spirit at work y’all!

The conservatives are way different. Because they’re all like, Holy Spirit at work y’all!”


And then some German bishop pops up, talking about welcoming, right? Because, hey..

By that point it’s mid-afternoon. I need to be homeschooling and cleaning and driving and stuff. But everyone keeps tweeting and I keep thinking about my convert friends who went Roman instead of Anglican or staying in their tight, super-engaged Reformed circle, all because they were taken by unam sanctam Catholicam and believed it. 

I start thinking I want to leave the country. But wait. That won’t help. Catholic Church. Right. But maybe? If it’s a Synodal Listening Church a-birthing? Somewhere?


And, as I have wondered daily for months, why is this Synod happening? In a Church in which we are supposed to be environmentally sensitive and in which bishops are supposed to stay close to their flocks, why is there this meeting to which hundreds have exerted many carbon footprints to spend weeks away from the people to whom they’re supposed to minister? And I’m all…why…

Eh. But here we are. People saying, Us? We don’t want to change doctrine!!! Just the pastoral stuff! Super cool! Inclusive of Peripheries! Cause no one ever thought of that before!

Then some more spokesmen and bishops, every one of them about some Narrative or other. Basically, if you are listening and read between the lines, and think for more than 3 seconds about what’s being said, a narrative about how, everything was sort of, well, how shall I say it…wrong from Jesus up to now?

And saying this why?

It's My JOB! Ken Cosgrove Dance #MadMen

Oh well. I’m off. You know where to find me.

Tomorrow: #Synod2015 via Breaking Bad

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