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This little phone-made and hastily You-Tubed video represents the basic outline of my parents’ LP collection, that you would multiply by perhaps twenty for the complete effect. They never did get beyond it – the LPs, that is.  My mother had a few classical and sacred music tapes, but never, ever graduated to CDs (she died in 2001).  Neither did my dad.  I had a lot of records myself, too, but I gave them away to a library sale a long time ago, including the Broadway musicals and the Kingston Trio, both originally part of this collection, but with which I absconded thirty years ago.

The video in its original state (c. two weeks ago) was accompanied by some narration which at the time (1 am after a day of sorting, contemplating and trashing) I thought was rather wry and knowing, but in the hearing, comes off now  (shock)  as pretentious twaddle..  It was all about being a child of academics in the 1960’s (which this collection screams – no, make that what this collection scats, strums and wisecracks with great vigah) and what was (and is) on my mind – Stuff.  How to live with stuff – which we must, because we are human and incarnational – and the Stuff is good for that reason –  but also how to live without it, which we also must do, because the Stuff is not God and is not even us.

The way this all works out in my mind is a dialogue between my spirituality, a rather ambiguous and conflicted nostalgia, and an innate inclination to non-attachment to Stuff, and of late, a growing hostility to it.  It’s almost as if I’m mad at the Stuff: You tricked me. You are really amazingly heavy.

So, yeah, I took off the stupid narration and replaced it with the royalty-free audio YouTube offered. It fits.

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