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Pinisher blog link-up

Link to Original Project: Doughnut Muffins from the King Arthur Flour website

Link to My Pin: Right here – it’s from December, but I made them again this morning!

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Dorian Speed is one of my favorite people, both in real life and on the Internet.  She’s witty and creative, a great writer and web designer – she designed my travel blog’s template, found here.

And she has a great idea for a link up.  How many “pins” do you have?  And how many have you actually done anything about??

Time for Pinishers!

Find her original post here – 

For my first entry in the link up, I’ll just tell you about these muffins – I originally pinned this months ago and made them for the first time soon after, but in the spirit of Pinishing, made them again this morning.  They’re very good – and do sort of taste like baked-style donuts – but they don’t keep super well.  That is, they’re better probably eaten after first baked, which is why I only made half the recipe this morning.

So – go check out Dorian’s link up and join in!

See all the Pinishers this week atScrutinies!

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"amy welborn"

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The last night of what has been a fascinating vacation. (UPDATE: Actually, as I finish it …the last morning. Flight leaves in a couple of hours. UPDATE: Well, none of that worked. So finishing at home.) Random notes that won’t be fitting in over at Booked.

— 1 —

"amy welborn"

Will probably end up in a frame.

There always seems to be a dog. One always shows up at our rentals. This one – the small beagle-type animal in the lower center-left – was named Dot and lived across the road. But every time she’d hear someone emerge from “our” house,across she would dart and scamper up the rocks with whoever was climbing. I can’t decide if it’s a sign that we should get one or assurance that it’s not necessary – one will be provided when the yearning seems unendurable.

— 2 —

I like New Mexican cuisine, I’ve discovered – and I came to a (probably superficial) understanding of what distinguishes it. I had green chile stew in a couple of places and will certainly make that one at home. Red Chile Posole and Carne Adovada will also be added to that particular Pinterest board. Brought home some Chimayo chile.

— 3 —

I had thought about driving out to New Mexico from Birmingham.  You know, Fun! Road Trip!

Very glad I didn’t.

— 4 —

"amy welborn"

Me at Tuco’s lair – actually a coffee shop named “Java Joe’s.”

We had many reasons forgoing out there. I’ll admit to you that this was on the list. Far down, but yeah, it was on it. Gave it a little extra kick.

— 5 —

The trip gave me a lot to think about re: home/road schooling. Still happening, but I see how much organization and (self) discipline this is really going to take.  Duh. Might want to get cracking on that.

— 6 —

"amy welborn"

On Saturday evening, we attended Mass at Cristo Rey parish – the history is here.  The enormous retablo is made of stone and had been in storage at the Cathedral until the parish was built in the 1940’s.  I snuck this photo in of a post-baptismal procession around the congregation, in which the two babies baptized that evening were taken around the church and signed with a cross by those at the end of the rows, while the entire congregation sang (something in Spanish). It was lovely and a moment bursting with promise and hope.

— 7 —

"amy welborn"

It was a marvelous week.  New Mexico was a revelation.  I found it historically and culturally fascinating, stimulating and simply gorgeous.  The weather was far better than it was here in Birmingham.  Hotter than normal, everyone told me, but still not uncomfortable at all – even climbing amid stones and desert in the afternoons. The boys enjoyed it too, as they had ample time to scramble over rocks every single day, and saw new things and places.  But I do think that one of their strongest and fun memories will be from the evening of July 4th, spending three hours alternating between swimming pool and basketball court at the Albuquerque Residence Inn, fireworks exploding in the background.

Mine, too, come to think of it.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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Pinterest is, of course, one of the currently pervasive Internets Flavors-of-The-Month.  Like all the others, it came, it’s exploded, it’s here, and it will undoubtedly go.

(Which is why, while I’m all for churches using the Internet, I also think, aside from a basic, informative, well-designed web page, social media should probably be way down on a typical parish’s to-do list.  If you have someone who’s into it and knows what they’re doing, set them loose.  I think a diocese should definitely have a communications person who’s savvy with social media.  But otherwise….remember MySpace,  calm down and give the liturgy, catechesis and works of mercy more time..  Don’t need a full-time Twitter Apostolate or Pinterest Ministry team just yet.)

So, Pinterest.  Just a couple of thoughts.

I know some people experience it as a huge time suck – just one more addictive, inadequacy-inspiring corner of the whole addictive, inadequacy-


inspiring Internet we’ve all grown to love and hate over the past two decades, especially (it seems) women and especially (it seems) mothers.

Over at Word on Fire today, Kerry Trotter admits she sees a value in the site, but also the problems of getting sucked into it. 

A month ago, April Perry offered this brief reflection, not only on Pinterest, but on the inevitably-dashed high expectations that too much time amidst the cunningly organized spices and hand-made soaps of the Internet, not to speak of the clever Tweets and clever blog posts (and lure to produce the some of all of them) can bring.  Your children want YOU! she reminded her readers.

And then there’s one of many blog posts on the theme: “Pinterest and Feelings of Inadequacy,” from which I grabbed the image to the left. 

Mercifully, Pinterest doesn’t seem to have the power to pull me into its web.  Yah, I’m on Pinterest, and I “pin,” but I don’t spend a lot of time surveying other people’s boards.  Once in a while I cruise for recipes, and I’m finding some useful and interesting resources on Catholic homeschooling boards…but that’s about it.

(No,no,no…Pinterest recipe boards? Not a problem…please excuse me while I tumble down my daily rabbit hole of cooking blogs, though…)

The primary reason I use it and am on it is because I use it as a Bookmarking/Favorites site. For myself. (Although as long as I’m there, I have some stuff about my books up – might as well.)   If the site  had the function to go private, I would do it – I find it just so easy to pin recipes (mostly)  – and then just as easy to run through them later and actually be able to remember what it is that appealed to me about that recipe, since there’s an image attached.  Much more helpful to me than a list of text-only bookmarks.

So I was thinking I was going to write a Pinterest post anyway, but then today I was checking up one of my former (high school) students, a woman who’s carving out a very nice career as a fabric designer and crafter – Rashida Coleman-Hale.  I only taught Rashida for one year (her senior year, my first year teaching in that school), but she flew back on my radar via Facebook a while back, and I discovered her sharp, charming Japanese-and-retro-influenced style, which is just marvelous. 

And she has 844,428 Pinterest followers. 


Well, then!

How do you even do that without being on American Idol or being married to Demi Moore or something?

And how many of you can say such a thing of one of your former students?!

(P.S. – here’s an interesting article on “10 Brands Suprisingly Killing It On Pinterest.  But still..none of them has over 800K followers!)

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